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Church Council Update

For the past several months, in addition to having worship services available on-line, we have also opened our Church building to allow live and in-person worship.  However, our ability to continue to meet in-person within the Church building comes with certain requirements related to the on-going pandemic.  While many of the required governmental health and safety precautions have been put into place, our compliance with certain requirements (specifically the requirement to wear masks) has been relatively low.  We are sending out this notice in hopes to improve compliance in this area.

As you may be aware, current governmental guidelines call for the wearing of masks/face coverings while in public places including within church buildings.  These requirements are not meant to solely help protect the wearers of the masks but are meant to help protect those they come in contact with.  As a church family, we certainly have members who certainly fall into high-risk categories (e.g. elderly, people undergoing cancer treatments, people with autoimmune diseases, people with underlying health conditions) and need to be protected.  We also have church staff members who are required to serve us each week and to whom we must provide a safe work environment. 

So, in order not only to reduce risk with respect to non-compliance with the health and safety requirements but also and more importantly to care for and show love to our fellow church members, we wanted to remind everyone of the mask requirement and to encourage members to wear face coverings while inside the Church building.  

Please take time to review the below health and safety guidelines and help us keep everyone safe. 

The Kingsway Church Council

Health and Safety Service Guidelines

  1. Any member that is either sick, has symptoms related to COVID 19, or who has been recently exposed to anyone who has tested positive to COVID 19 should attend services virtually. 
  2. Members should comply with Virginia’s current requirement to wear face covering/masks. **Note that exceptions are permitted for children under the age of 10 and those with current health concerns that prevent them from wearing of a mask.  Masks are available at the welcome desk for those who do not have one. 
  3. Members should make every effort to maintain social distancing during attendance. Physical contact during the fellowship chorus has been suspended.  Seating should be by family/household and each family/household should sit at least 6 feet apart.  If attendance is higher than distancing measures will allow, the Fellowship Hall will be utilized for overflow seating and the worship service will be live-streamed. 
  4. High touch areas such as the sanctuary chairs, door handles etc. will be disinfected in between services. Note that hand sanitizer is available throughout the Church.
  5. Church bulletins will only be available electronically and announcements will be displayed on the sanctuary screens.  If you are not currently receiving the weekly church bulletin via email, please contact Jeff Nester or Thomas Kirk to update your email preferences. 
  6. Church choir will continue to be suspended.
  7. Offering plates will not be passed during the offertory chorus. An offertory box will be placed in the vestibule where offerings may be placed before or after service.  Members may also continue to give on-line or through the mail. 
  8. Children should remain in their seats unless otherwise instructed during Children’s time.  
  9. Coffee stations and water fountains will not be in-service

Service Updates

Sunday Morning Worship  – We are meeting in person again this week. We will be having Sunday Morning Worship Service at 11:00 AM in person at Kingsway. If you wish to continue to watch the service digitally, you can still join via the Worship Service link below. To view our guidelines, please read the worship notice.

Sunday School Time Change   – We are not yet starting back Sunday School in person and will continue to meet digitally via the Interactive Service, linked below. However, we will be moving Sunday School to start at 9:00 AM.

Sunday Evening   – There will not be a service this Sunday Evening. Keep an eye on your emails and texts for updates.

Wednesday Service Change – We ARE meeting in person for the Wednesday service. Because of this, we will be switching from the Interactive Service (Zoom) to the Worship Service (YouTube). Click the Worship Service link below to join. Children and Youth will also be meeting in person at the church.

Online Only Services

Interactive Service

The following services have been moved to the interactive platform:

  • Sunday School, Sunday 9:00 AM
  • To join, view the Interactive Service section below

Fellowship Time:  Starting 30 mins before every Interactive Service (see above), we will be having a time of fellowship. Please feel free to come and fellowship together.

Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

Phone (Voice Only)

  • Dial: +1 929 436 2866
    • When Prompted, enter the Meeting ID and Password:
      • Meeting ID: 735 818 650
      • Password: 735 818 650

Worship Service

To join the Worship Service click the link below

Sunday Morning 11:00 AM

Wednesday Night 7:00 PM