Sunday 11:00AM
1839 Long Crescent Drive, Bristol VA

In spring of 2022, Todd and Scott introduced a plan for a new meeting format called K-Groups. (To hear what they had to say, watch the sermon here.) These K-Groups will be weekly, in-home small groups and will serve as the replacement for Sunday and Wednesday night services for the next three months. The fall semester will run from Labor Day to Thanksgiving.

All groups have a date and time each week to meet and a different study topic. Each semester, we will offer approximately five of these home groups with the hope that everyone can find a time that fits their schedule and a study that piques their interest.

We would love for everyone to participate in K-Groups and believe this is an important direction for Kingsway. These weekly groups are informal and casual. You can ask questions, discuss things you are curious about, and grow together into the life God has designed for you. We challenge you to give it a try. We believe everyone at Kingsway will enjoy K-Groups and look forward to the next semester of groups. 

To learn more about this semester of K-Groups and what is currently offered, visit this page.