Sunday 11:00AM
1839 Long Crescent Drive, Bristol VA

We are pleased that God led you to check out Kingsway’s website.  We are a body of people united through a common belief that Jesus Christ is not only the hope of a broken world, but our personal hope.  Although we believe we need to meet together to worship and serve Him, we recognize that we come to find forgiveness and a new start in life one person at a time.  Our hope is that if you have not started that journey of following Jesus that you might begin now.  There is no reason to wait.

It begins by understanding that there is a Creator who loves us and wants a relationship with us.  For that relationship to be formed we must confess our sin to God.  Notice I said sin and not sins.  God is not looking for a detailed list of our transgressions.  He knows that already.  Rather He wants us to agree with Him that we need Him; that our hearts, our minds and our behaviors are not in harmony with a holy God.  When we see Him- as He is and ourselves as we are- He then invites us to receive His forgiveness which was purchased by Jesus Christ long ago on an old rugged cross. Whether you have made this decision or not we invite you to hang out with us here at Kingsway as we learn together about Jesus and His plan for us.

Wanting the King’s Way at Kingsway Baptist Church,

Pastor Todd