Sunday 11:00AM
Wednesday 7:00 PM
1999 Long Crescent Drive, Bristol VA


Sunday Night Series

We started our new Sunday Evening Series on Oct. 6. The series will be co-taught by Pastor Todd Freeman and David Sizemore. It is caled “Recovering the Power That Made Christianity Revolutionary.”

Culture Shift Study

Join us on Sunday nights as we continue our study Culture Shift, based on the book by R. Albert Mohler “Culture Shift, Engaging Current Issues with Timeless Truth.” This is a discussion based study that is being co-taught by our pastor Todd and David Sizemore.

Supper Clubs

Supper Clubs are a program where people meet in each other’s homes for a meal and conversation. Every two months a new Supper Club assignment is made and posted. Hosts are in charge of picking the date for the meeting, communicating with their group and making the main course for dinner.  If you would like…