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Date Posted Title Author Listen
07/16/17 Jonha - More Than Fish Food Todd Freeman Listen
07/16/17 Special Music Presented by Samantha Samantha Listen
07/16/17 Offertory Presented by Cindy Cindy Listen
07/09/17 Do you want to be Great? David Sizemore Listen
07/02/17 A Firm Foundation Todd Freeman Listen
07/02/17 Offertory Presented by Cindy Listen
06/25/17 It Will Be Worth it All Todd Freeman Listen
06/25/17 Special Music Presented by Barb Sisters Barb Sisters Listen
06/25/17 Offertory Presented by Brenda Brenda Listen
06/18/17 Fathers do not provoke your Children to Anger Todd Freeman Listen
06/18/17 Offertory Presented by Cindy Cindy Listen
06/11/17 The 144000 Witnesses Todd Freeman Listen
06/11/17 Offertory Presented by Betty Betty Listen
05/28/17 Marveling at a Martyrs Prayer Todd Freeman Listen
05/28/17 Offertory Presented by Brenda Brenda Listen
05/21/17 AM Sermon David Sizemore Listen
05/21/17 Offertory Presented by Shirley Shirley Listen
05/14/17 Moothers Day Todd Freeman Listen
05/14/17 Offertory Presented by Betty and Friends Betty and Friends Listen
05/07/17 Deacon Ordination Service for Jerry Todd Freeman Listen