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Continuing this Sunday night we are having a study based on a book by David Henderson nights entitled Culture Shift.  Todd is co-teaching this study with David Sizemore.  Here is an except from the prologue of the book.

“When we weren’t looking, the world changed, and we weren’t ready for it.  Christians may be nostalgic for the good old days when society endorsed Christian values and believed churches were important. But we will wait in vain for the culture to turn back its thinking so we can speak to it again as we did in a more Christian period. Like Paul in the ancient world, Christians today must understand and adjust to the mindset of our neighbors.  We must be willing to adapt to other people’s way of thinking in order to win them to the Savior. That is risky and painful business.  It demands that we pursue uncomfortable questions: How do they think?  What do they value?  How do we accomodate to their beliefs without abandoning our own?  What is negotiable and what is not?  How do we speak to moderns so they will understand? Those are the questions David Henderson tackles in ways thoughtful Christians can grasp.”  – Haddon Robinson